Vintage Sarawak cards

Regarding vintage cards, I collect a few series which take my fancy. Here are some nice Sarawak card series:

Anna Photo SWK series
These cards are printed by John Hinde in Ireland.

2SWK1 Iban farmer

2SWK2 Preparations

2SWK3 Weaving the pua

2SWK4 loincloth

2SWK5 To the farm

2SWK6 Iban warriors

2SWK7 Gawai Antu

2SWK8 Inside longhouse

2SWK9 Benuk longhouse

2SWK10 Dancers

Anna Photo (small)
These cards were published in Kuching and are not numbered (ordinary size cards).

bamboo band

QEII in Sarawak



Family discussion

negotiating a rapid

orang utan

Anna Photo (large)
These cards were published in Kuching and are not numbered (large cards).

Using blowpipe

The grandchild

Little helper

Preparing darts

Market day

Useful pet

Iban war dance

Early loincloth

Art for the dead

Fishing trip

Muzium cards

Court House

Mughal Pavilion

Iban longhouse

Iban longhouse

Sarawak Museum

Muzium Sarawak

orang utans

turtle hatchery

Philip Hii
Photography by Philip Hii.

PH1 Express wharf, Sibu

PH7 Kuching airport

PH8 Damai Beach, Kuching

PH11 Long Jetty, Miri

PH12 Chinese temple

PH14 Mosque, Bintulu

PH16 Suspension bridge

PH18 Mulu National Park

PH25 Niah Cave

PH26 Iban longhouse

PH27 Sibu waterfront

PH30 Burial pole, Kuching

PH31 Brooke Memorial

PH41 Kapit Civic Centre

PH42 Longboats, Kapit

PH43 Kuching Civic Centre

PH48 Niah Cave

HIT Productions, Sibu. Photography by Philip Hii.

HIT8 Miri Civic Centre

HIT10 Suspension bridge

HIT11 Sibu night scene

HIT12 Bau Civic Centre

HIT16 Chinese pottery

HIT17 Orang Ulu dance

HIT19 Lion dance

HIT22 Kapit Civic Centre

HIT28 Rajang Port Authority

HIT29 Sarawak Museum

HIT31 Pagoda Sibu

Paolo Koch
Published in Kuching. These cards are truly beautiful.

SRW 4 Legislature Building

SRW 6 Sampans Kuching River

SRW 7 Santubong Island

SRW 8 Satang Island

SRW 9 Sungai Bedengan

SRW 10 Julan Waterfall

SRW 11 Iban longhouse

SRW 12 Orang Ulu

SRW 13 Iban couple

SRW 15 Iban

SRW 16 Orang Ulu

SRW 17 nose flute

SRW 20 Gunung Mulu Park

SRW 21 Mount Batu Lawi

SRW 22 Rajang waterfront

SRW 24 Mukah

SRW 25 Miri

SRW 27 Niah Caves

SRW 28 Bako National Park

SRW 29 warrior dance

SRW 32 Iban fishing

SRW 34 on the jungle path

SRW 35 Iban backstrap loom

SRW 39 Bidayuh longhouse

SRW 40 Rajang River

SRW 42 Kuching

SRW 45 Sunday market

Typhoon Studio
Typhoon Studio, Miri

Kolej Miri

Miri sunset

Beautiful Sarawak scenes.

801 Sarawak map

802 Sarawak map

902 native handicrafts

903 Bidayuh beauties

906 Sarawak forts

909 rapids and waterfall

912 music

924 cock fighting

925 colourful procession

927 Rajang River

928 Sarawak Museum

Robert Hoebel
Pictures on these cards are published in the book Sarawak Borneo by Hoebel.

Fort Margherita

Clearwater Cave

Iban longhouse

Gawai festival

weaving the Pua

Iban girls

Iban ladies

Orang Ulu woman

Orang Ulu dancers

Orang Ulu dancers

rhinoceros hornbill

orchid Normah

vanda orchids

Ting Nai Ho
More beautiful Sarawak scenes.

lady weaving

Niah Cave

Deer Cave

Lang Cave

Long Jetty

Miri Town

Oriental Pearl
Published by Oriental Pearl Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur.

80014 Pepper plantation

ET001 Sarawak Museum

ET004 Jawatan Museum

S.W. Singapore
I have a few of these cards, which date back to the 1960s.

Sarawak Museum


Post office

High Court building

Boat racing